"Mantra" By Prof Alias Ramli

Im gonna share with u the "mantra" that i have noted down when we r in the Global Marketing class..gonna miss the class because of the way he give us a lecture is more unique and different than others..the style..with his Apple Iphone, seem he's the innovator category in consumer behavior..hehe..Still remembers those day with his style when he wanna student (our class) to ask him a question..the phrase is "Cmon...try me" i wont mind if ur answer is wrong..the main problem when u dont ask question..thats what he said it to us rite..chapter by chapter there always a mantra to describe the topic or chapter..I have noted it down on my reading when i make a revision for our final exam (bukan nak cita aku study hard la)..now i'll share with u a list of those mantra..

  1. A devil known is better than an angel unknown
  2. The tail wagging the dog
  3. If you are patient enough you can watch an egg and very soon the egg will grow egg (italian proverb for 'Time")
  4. Those who rush will arrive firts at their grave (still the proverb of TIME)
  5. An apple a day keep a doctors away (like this mantra)
  6. Kill two birds with one stone
  7. The early birds get the worms..the second mouse get the cheese
  8. Today comrades in arm become tomorrow villain
  9. I scratch ur back u scratch my back
  10. Shut one eyes and close the other one (like this mantra)
  11. Smell a rat
  12. Its like a rat leaving the sinking ship (coward)..its like a ship leaving a sinking rat (ermm..)..this mantra is within the ship and rat situation
  13. Direct from the horse mouth
  14. Go more for ground
this is my 1st entry in english..heheh...mistakes is a process of learning..

p/s : Prof Alias mmg style geng..hahahahaha


Wafiy said...

haha nice post man..seriously i started to miss his class. he's cool man..with iphone stuff.haha..all this mantra always be a good thing to b remember.

Tibet a.k.a Mr Wiki said...

yup...old man with style..

Anonymous said...

yeah.. agree with both of u.. he is a unique lecturer that i've just come across in my life.. :)

Anonymous said...

first time in his class..i felt humialited..ya..by my fren and him..

'Only one 'Laki'..and u very lucky" said him..hahaha...

and the best mantra from him is...
"No Books will remain virgin for too long"

Tibet a.k.a Mr Wiki said...

hohoho...aku terlupa tulis mantra 2..aku ada ingat gak..hahahah

Anonymous said...

tue lah paling terbaik..

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